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Long time since i decided to write this series of Mom & Me, I dream about having it as a published book one day. Who knows it might Happen.

My Mom is or was i don’t know if  I should use the past or the future but she is nice, sometimes, not all the time just to be honest with you guys.I guess this how all moms are.

I guess she is just trying to hard to get every thing done her way and no high way options, unfortunatly this doesn’t goes with her 4 so stubborn kids she is having.

My mom, she knows very well that am stressed out in my work in helping them out at the house with my neice and nephew, with her and my siblings as well. Again she is stressing out on me being a robot person, that i should not have a break and when i allow myself to do that she goes like you don’t think about anyone but yourself you are selfish.

If being selfish is what would be called on giving yourself sometime alone. Then am so in the Selfishness zone, I need a break away, i need to have sometime away from the babies crying, from my mom telling my Bro to study, from the nagging that my sister is so living in LA LA land. Imagine that you go back home and you find that your sister want you to take her kids away from her so she can work, your mom wants you to cook, clean & if you cooked i did something wrong in cooking for sure am not a perfect cooker w b7b el7abahan ah ha7ot 7bahan kter 3ala elakl eh elmoshkla y3ny.if i cleaned i do my room as much as i can after 9 working hours then my plan is to sleep but noooo i should have done the dishes, washed the clothes, w anshorhom w akol w a2akl w aklm so7aby w atfrg 3ala eltelevision w adwr 3ala part time work w a7’rog w practice sports and of course no need to tell you which of the previous i shouldn’t do.

I decided to get back again to practcing and to go for one day out of town,Yesterday was a worth living hell when i said so, first phrase” I thought you were going with your sister, you are not thinking about yourself only, three days doing stuff for your self we can’t handle that, you need to organize your time and your activities much better!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah Right my activities the one i spent almost last 2 month doing only with you??probably more than 2 .even when i wanted to get away from stress and decided to travel to the beach, it was a very stressful time that i needed to try my best to keep it calm as much as i can. As the Nagging , the crying, the bla bla was there too, so enjoying the sea breathe happened only like one time during this 10 days.

I know she is doing her best but she is pushing me to the edge of killing myself, guys am only 23 been single from 5 years now, don’t have the chance to get to meet new people, i worked since i was 16, and i really feel like am in my mid thirties, feel like a working single mom, probably that is how she is feeling as well, but you are pushing me into handling what i shouldn’t be handling and dealing with what i shouldn’t be dealing and this is not a training for real life after marriage, honestly this way i will hate marriage, i believe having a husband and a house would come in the right time when i really should handle a husband and a marriage. not now this is not my time.I swear i feel like i would be expired before i get to meet the right person.

Please mom stay away from my own time, i need and don’t nag me that am having it.It my time and its normal to have it as its called my time it have the M and the Y letters that means private, alone and its important to have it to give my mind a break or it would explode.

Mom this is a call from a Mind that have TNT explosives around it, Back off of my time.And keep my space as my space not your space.It aint prepared yet for life matches to played in.



Couple of Minutes ago , i was reading one  of my best friends blog about the less of a man species, Awesome Blog,she is excellent.But again it made me think of the complexity of Human Nature.

I guess sometimes when we think about people, specially those who we love we tend to find the same phrase all the time again and again and again, This is me i won’t CHANGE.Oh please, if you don’t change and i insisted that you should turst me i won’t change either, i will still do what i want.Why do you always pressume that changing for a Female is much easier than a guy changing.This way we would go back again to the Finger Theory”check my first blog”

Yes we can easily adapt.True that we can fall in an unconditionally love with a man.But trust me you would be facing hell if you took us for granted.As much as we tend to make ourself easy to read we can easily shut the book on one of the most exciting , thrilling part in the story.We can be easily tamed,but the shrew nature is still within, so am saying “don’t dig your own grave”.

Think about our nature and about how you can easily get the best out of us.How we turn to be the sun that shines your day and the beautiful full moon that lighten up the darkness of your night.we can be easily yours if you wanted to, but don’t go to work knowing that everyday we will call, or we would be asking you for a hang out with friends, or we would manage your day, do your laundry, cook food, go to work, be successful, raise the kids and not to E.X.P.L.O.D.E, as much as we can do we need pampering, we need you men to complete the missing parts in our story, to be there to listen carefully when speaking, to read the hidden while silence, to cherish us and give us care, to be our shoulder that we need to get our stress out.

Don’t tell me we will only take from you, Females want the man to tell her his stories, to share his laughter with her, to ask her for advice, she doesnt want a man to come home and stay still waiting for her to do the talking about everything.

I need you to remember the smile on your woman’s face once she see you, but also remember the fade away of it when you disappoint her.

We are not easy to read, we still speak the same language as you do, Just act for her the way you want her to act for you.Trust me then you will have the open book, the story were it have the thrill, the craziness, the romance, the love, the action, the laughter, the kids, the friend.

Then you will find the happy ending you would wish it never happened

I was just thinking about the human nature, I always say how complex we are, and how even sometimes its not easy to adapt to the circumstances, we get traumatized, we nag.Humans yes we are,are we an open book,Hell NOOOOO.

Currently am thinking about how people wonder why we are doing the same mistake over and over and over again.the question is did you get the lesson behind it????? some people bother me by saying oh not the same mistake again you should have know.Well guess what I DIDN’T KNOW, other wise i wouldn’t have made this mistake AGAIN, so cut the Nagging already.

The question is now……(Drums Please)………Is it because am stupid or its becuase of  human nature??your fingers ain’t the same right??but it seems that many people have the same defects, oh now i get it your fingers ain’t the same that means they don’t look alike.So it means he could be asian, caucasian, black, tall, short, smoker, athletic, but it’s still a finger, it does the same job that’s required for it to be done.

So let’s apply this to Guys, if you are a Jerk Magnet then all the guys no matter how they look are Jerks and the same rule apply to whomever. Even the guys if she is the wrong girl like she cheats on you or something then all of them are, Right??Why???Because we are complicated beings we have a trauma and then we are scared of falling in the same mistake again and again but our fear stumble us so in the end, we lose because of the same mistake, sometimes we even push ther others into doing the same mistakes so we could point at them and say i did nothing wrong it was all your fault.

No you are wrong that’s the answer that i will be getting, but unfortunately we all apply the same rule to every one we meet that no matter what we advice people not to do, but its always we are doubting that this person is the same as the other person and the other person is the same as the previous person, All of them are fingers and they do the same Job.

And at the End we have the Finger Theory, That we are stereotyped to people and we stereotype people coz of the same mistake that we fell in before and then we have the same problem that we fall in the same mistake more than once probably we don’t ever get the Lesson so please please don’t Nag me with the same mistake that i did more than once with different people.


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